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The Many Forms of Bullion.

It is known there is a vast world of precious metals. Many flock to the opportunity to buy gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. What you might not know is these rare and cherished metals come in many different forms. Of course you’ve all seen movies where the thieves steal or the ultra rich hold and stack massive gold bars in bank vaults. But that is merely one of many forms of the beloved gold you can attain. Here is a detailed breakdown on all forms of precious metal bullion you, yes you, can buy!



Bullion bars are precious metals melted and poured into ingot molds. Some are perfectly minted, stamped and polished. While other "hand poured" bullion items are melted and poured into a mold. The premiums on bullion bars range from a low level, with stamped generic mint bars. To high level with vintage, rare, hand poured bars. They are usually minted with different purity ranges as well. For example, silver bars are USUALLY minted with purities ranging from .925 (sterling) to .9999 (99.99% pure). Depending on the mint and bar you choose.


The only difference I'd say between bars and rounds is that generic rounds usually are often sold with slightly cheaper premiums than bars. Other than that, I'm going to save you time and just say that the same description for bars, applies to rounds. You'e welcome.

World Bullion Coins

These are investment grade bullion coins minted by official country government mints all over the world. The cool thing about these bullion coins are that they are actually legal tender. Yes, you can use these just as you would a penny or quarter. They are fully backed by the issuing country. Now would your local McDonalds or Dunkin' accept a Silver Eagle or a Gold Maple Leaf as payment? Probably not, but technically they can if they would like. Nor would you want to use three silver eagles to pay for your medium iced latte. When if you sold the three Silver Eagles first, you can buy thirty lattes! These coins are so diverse and beautiful, all showing what makes their countries proud. Because of how highly recognizable these coins are, you'll always buyers when it comes time to sell.

Junk Silver

This type of bullion is when circulated coins are valued for the metal prices based by its weight and purity, and not for any type of numismatic value of the coin itself. Usually comes in the form of Pre-1965 US dollar, half dollar, quarter, and dime coins made up of 90% silver. As well as US Nickels minted between 1942-1945 made up of 35% silver, also known as "War" or War Time" Nickels. But not excluding other countries precious metal bearing coins. They often are sold based on face value multiplied by a certain number corresponding to current spot prices.

Pre-1933 US Gold Coins

These coins are more or less the same as junk silver but provide a much higher principle and premium due to the gold value and rarity of these coins. These coins like most of the junk silver coins are 90% pure precious metal content. Then 10% filler metals. Unlike junk silver however, the numismatic value is much higher in the US circulated gold coins. Which makes them highly desired and a great long term investment.

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